Barbara and mercedes как называется фильм
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Barbara and mercedes как называется фильм

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10 Movies Where The Girl Saves The Guy

It is not always the guy who saves the girl in stories. Here are some moments where women flipped the movie trope and saved the men.

It’s no secret that since human beings were apes, women have been coming to the rescue of their fumbling counterpart, no matter how much it may pain or embarrass some of them to admit it. One need only to walk down the street or turn on a good movie to see this phenomenon taking place.

The heroics of these ten women are a testament to how a world without women would plunge into chaos and despair. Here are some moments where women flipped the trope and saved the men.

Belle — Beauty and the Beast

In a shift from some of the more action-oriented characters, Belle shows the healing power of a woman’s love. She nurses the Beast back to health after a pack of wolves attack them. When Gaston, the best-animated example of toxic male machismo, storms the Beast’s castle and nearly kills him, it is Belle’s tears that save the Beast and lifts the witches curse.

Black Widow — Captain America: Civil War

Black Widow enters the Avengers universe in Iron Man 2 as a duplicitous double agent, so it’s in her nature to play both sides of the fence. That’s exactly what she does to save Captain America, turning against Team Iron Man. Leave it to the woman among the Avengers to have the conscious and emotional intelligence to realize that a difference of ideology is no reason to want to kill your friends.

Diana Prince — Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s first display of her heroics after leaving her secret island homeland of Themyscira comes when she saves an American air pilot, Steve Trevor, who is shot out of the sky by enemy German soldiers.

She then goes on to defeat an entire German regiment single-handedly, climbing out of the trenches and embarking across No Man’s Land, deflecting bullets with her shield and titanium armor. No other female character transitions so quickly from saving the guy to smashing a group of bad guys in spectacular fashion.

Lisbeth Salander — The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

When asked how he got away from the psychotic Neo-Nazi Martin Vanger, the hardened investigative journalist Mikael responds «someone saved me.» Mikael is of course referring to the misanthropic computer hacking titular character Lisbeth Salander. After Mikael breaks into Martin’s house to search for incriminating evidence, Martin imprisons him in his basement torture chamber. Lisbeth hacks into Martin’s surveillance system, realizing Mikael is in danger. She golf clubs Martin to hell and then shoots him dead, but not before politely asking Mikael «may I kill him?»

Hermione Granger — Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

One cannot count on two hands the number of times that Hermione bails out Harry and Ron throughout the series. The most dangerous scenario where Hermione yet again rises to the occasion as the boys’ savior is when against her advice, Harry insists Hermione and him visit his parents’ house where Voldemort murdered his parents. Voldemort’s beloved snake Nagini is staking the place out disguised as Bathilda Bagshot. If not for two perfectly timed spells and a quick escape from Hermione, Nagini would have captured Harry.

Imperator Furiosa — Mad Max: Fury Road

Very few films are yet to depict a woman who knows their way behind the wheel, but 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road breaks with this tendency in Hollywood. In a film that transitions from one epic car chase to the next, in the penultimate chase Furiosa is behind the wheel while Mad Max and other characters fight off the War Boys. With one hand on the wheel, Furiosa reaches out and catches Max as he is thrown from their vehicle and is plunging headfirst to his demise.

Princess Leia — Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Not necessarily a clean save since Jabba the Hut captures and enslaves her in the process, but when Leia unfreezes Han Solo at the beginning of the film, she saved not only him, but the franchise from losing one of its best characters.

Harrison Ford’s popularity was skyrocketing from his role as Han, so it was uncertain whether he would be available or afforded for the final installment of the original trilogy. But love endures, and they were able to write Han into the script based on his romance with the princess warrior.

Sarah Connor — Terminator 2: Judgement Day

After the events of the first film, Sarah Connor is a hardened guerilla fighter whose hatred for the machines makes her volatile and unpredictable. Witnessing the Model 101 rescue her and her son John from the T-1000, her attitude towards the machines as machinations of pure evil changes. Nonetheless, she knows what has to be done when the Model 101 insists he also be destroyed to prevent him from being hacked and turn against Sarah and John. Against the pleas of her son, she effectively saves them both when she submerges the Terminator into molten lava.

Selene — Underworld

The late ’90s and early 2000s was the golden age of vampire action movies. Among one of its best protagonists was vampire huntress Selene, who saves her beloved, a mortal turned Lycan named Michael, on numerous occasions throughout the first installment in the Underworld franchise. In the film’s final sequence, Selene saves Michael three times. First, she frees him from captivity in the Lycan lair, then after he is mortally wounded she infects him with a vampire bite, turning him into a Lycan-Vampire hybrid. Despite his new powers, Michael is about to be defeated by the treacherous vampire elder Viktor until Selene saves him one last time, decapitating Viktor with his silver sword.

Trinity — The Matrix

Dressed head to toe in tight black leather, Trinity points a 9mm to the head of an agent about to blow Neo away. Before pulling the trigger she cold-bloodedly implores the agent: «Dodge this.» When Doozer told Neo that going back into the Matrix to save Morpheus was suicide, he wasn’t wrong. Without Trinity in this moment Neo would never have been reborn as The One.

Zach is a former student of Literature and Film Studies. He has written for a variety of blogs in the past, and still works on his personal film blog. He now writes about movies for Screen Rant because that is what he would be doing anyway. When not diligently behind his desk, he can be found walking the streets of Berlin, camera in hand, speaking poor German to himself, a stranger taking pictures of a stranger place.

Friday the 13th: The Horror Franchise’s Name Has a Confusing Origin

Friday the 13th is a juggernaut in horror, but its title has continued to carry with it a plethora of confusing inconsistencies.

When talking about classic slasher icons, it’s hard not to mention the likes of Michael Myers’ terrifying figure or Jason Voorhees’ iconic «ch-ch-ch-ah» that plays whenever he’s on screen. However, the latter’s franchise has shown that consistency isn’t a prerequisite when it comes to the hockey mask-wearing menace that is Jason, who’s been everywhere from Manhattan to space, all to kill in the name of his mother.

With each Friday the 13th film, the storyline consistently became watered down and focused on Jason’s next kill over maintaining the core theme established in the original movie. The significance of its aforementioned date served as the catalyst for one of the franchise’s biggest continuity issues.

The original Friday the 13th took place in the summer of 1979. Though an official date hasn’t been set, fans have theorized that it should have taken place in April or July, as those were the only two months in the year when the 13th fell on a Friday. The film also stressed the importance of the date as it became the main motivation for Pamela’s killing spree. In Friday the 13th, she tells the teens, «You see, Jason was my son, and today is his birthday.» In a standalone film, this would work perfectly, but as the franchise continued, Jason’s lore grew, and even his birthdate contradicted the supposed date of the original film.

As the franchise’s universe expanded with the release of Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, it created further inconsistencies. One new revelation was that Jason was born on June 13, 1946 — a Thursday. This blatantly contradicted the birthdate that was theorized by fans. The new date has the first film occurring on Wednesday, June 13, 1979, even though July 13 was on a Friday and served as the simplest conclusion for fans to decide on, considering the film’s title.

The alterations continued following the appearance of Pamela Voorhees’ resting place. A shot in The Final Chapter revealed Pamela’s headstone stating that she died in 1980, even though Friday the 13th was set in ’79. This decision was likely due to the film being theatrically released in 1980. The Final Chapter created a continuity error that still requires clarification as there are no definitive answers on when the film’s events took place.

Whether trying to capitalize on themed slasher films like John Carpenter’s Halloween or simply trying to add an air of mystery, it has been proven that director Sean S. Cunningham’s Friday the 13th inadvertently created confusion that is still discussed to this day. Whether it was due to a rushed production on sequels that ruined consistency or an overall lack of attention to detail, it is clear that the main focus was on how to bring Jason back from the dead rather than why the series was called Friday the 13th in the first place.

Nicholas Brooks has been writing professionally for over a decade, covering many aspects of pop culture from film and video games to comics and anime. Writing has remained his passion in that time and loves to theorize and pick apart unique connections in franchises like Marvel, Jurassic Park and much more. In his spare time, he could be found working on his bookstagram, collecting figures, reading comics or watching movies with his girlfriend.

Марседес И Барбара

Este contenido es exclusivamente de Perdona Nuestros Pecados, teleserie de #Megaoficial. ***I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO .

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I LOVE THEM! Watch in HD Bárbara/Mercedes — Barcedes Fandom : Perdona Nuestros Pecados Song : Jacob Banks — Uknown .

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OMG you guys, I’m dead with these two; I started watching their story a week ago & omG tHE FEELS. They are perfect. This is the .

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This is Cristian Castro’s cover of Lucho Gatica’s emblematic song. Please sign the petition — Por favor firma la petición .

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Now you can all cry with me. Bárbara/Mercedes || Barcedes Fandom : Perdona Nuestros Pecados Song : Christian Telford — In .

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Este contenido es exclusivamente de ‘Perdona Nuestros Pecados’, teleserie de #Megaoficial.

Mercedes y Barbara (barcedes)

Teleserie: Perdona Nuestros Pecados. #barcedes: #Mercedes Moller (Soledad Cruz) #Barbara Román (Maria Jose Bello) Los .

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AU: Bárbara & mercedes are sucessful actresses who fall helplessly in love. HD + headphones to enjoy the vid! Couple: Bárbara .

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En este video vemos los malos momentos,interrupciones peleas,etc. barbara y mercedes. Si les gusto el video dale Por otra .

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Canción: Escapate de Luis Coronel. #elescape #todosaliomal #elescapefallido Teleserie: Perdona Nuestros .

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Mientras el mundo siga cambiando yo voy a estar aquí, dispuesta a seguir luchando y a seguir amando》 HD + auriculares + .

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Teleserie: Perdona Nuestros Pecados. #barcedes: #Mercedes Moller (Soledad Cruz) #Barbara Román (Maria Jose Bello) Los .

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míralo en hd. para saber más sobre la pareja @barcedes_ seguime en twitter / @feministprepon.

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Barbara y Mercedes — Perdona Nuestros Pecados Evidências — Chitãozinho e Xororó Quando eu digo que deixei de te amar É .

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bárbara + mercedes ; homophobia (AU)

twitter ; morfinita #PNP #Mega #Barcedes.

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La reacción de las #barcedistas #elescape #todosaliomal #elescapefallido Teleserie: Perdona Nuestros .

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Para que conozcan un poquito más a las actrices de esta historia y como se espera que se continue desarrollando.

Portait de Barbara Touati, réceptionnaire carrosserie — Mercedes-Benz groupe Kroely

Réceptionnaire carrosserie chez Mercedes-Benz Kroely depuis 2012, Barbara Touati vous présente son métier et ses missions.

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Musica : Axel — Aire.

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Las reacciones de las #barcedistas. Teleserie: Perdona Nuestros Pecados. #barcedes: #Mercedes Moller (Soledad Cruz) .

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Barcedes #PNP #Lesbian #Perdonanuestrospecados #novela #Kisslesbian #Lesbianas #teleseriesmega #lovewins .

Bárbara & Mercedes ||BARCEDES|| ❤️Que lo nuestro se quede nuestro❤️

Entertainment NO COPYRIGHT INFRIGEMENT All clips and song belong to respective owners.

Barbara and Mercedes

Welcome to the new Internet portal . Here you will find a lot of interesting information about lesbian topics.

Mercedes & Barbara — Demons (Barcedes Perdona Nuestros Pecados)

mechita y barbara pnp mega.

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Perdona Nuestros Pecados — Barbara & Mercedes — Femslash.

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Barcedes Perdona nuestros pecados.

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Este contenido es exclusivamente de ‘Perdona Nuestros Pecados’, teleserie de #Megaoficial.

Mercedes y Barbara-en las nubes��������

Barbara & Mercedes | Yours

Barbara and Mercedes from “Perdona Nuestros Pecados” (“Forgive Our Sins”) a TV mini series set in 1950’s Chile. Created for .

Barbara O — Mercedes Benz (Radio Hit Edit)

Label:Bellaphon ‎– 130·31·073 Format:CD, Maxi-Single Country:Germany Released:1995 Genre:Electronic Style:Eurodance .

MUJERES ASESINAS — Mercedes, virgen (Bárbara Lombardo — Ana M. Picchio)

mercedes y bárbara | me reparto en ti

hermosa canción para una hermosa pareja.

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Mercedes & Barbara (perdona nuestros pecados)

Mercedes & Bárbara — Where Did You Sleep Last Night Piano [❤#Barcedes❤]

Vídeo musical de #Barcedes, pareja de Perdona Nuestros Pecados [nocturna chilena]. Cover de vkgoeswild.

Mercedes Barbara валить . ТАШКЕНТ

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Ola les comparto este video porque se nos viene una2da temporada de perdona nuestros pecados y con ello tendremos mucho .

Bárbara y Mercedes (Barcedes) — Disfruto — Carla Morrison

Hacia mucho tiempo que no subía ni hacía un vídeo. Y que mejor de estas dos hermosas personas. ¡Espero que os guste! 😀 PD: .

Barbara Heil Die Mercedes Benz Interviews

Barbara and Mercedes || Rewrite the stars

A video dedicated to this amazing couple so close to my heart. I hope everything ends well for them! Let me know if you like it and .

LIGA TUCUMANA ASCENSO 2022: Santa Bárbara derrotó a Mercedes y logró un triunfo clave

Mercedes & Barbara || Ven (Barcedes Perdona Nuestros Pecados)

barcedes mechita y barbara pnp mega.

Tú #Bárbara y #Mercedes

NEW VIDEOCLIPS #SpinOffBarcedes Desplegar para más información Pues allá por el año «TAITANTOS» Bueno. jaja.

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